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Two differences between distance and displacement

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two differences between distance and displacement

*Distance is the actual path covered and displacement is the shortest distance from the object to the point of origin. Distance and displacement. Describe motion in different reference frames; Define distance and displacement, and distinguish between the two; Solve problems involving distance and. Distance: The distance traveled by an object is equal to the length of the path covered. So, it is greater than or equal to 0m. Displacement. DASH OBD

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Both distance and displacement are dependent on speed and time. But still, distance and displacement formulas are different. Below is a description of how to calculate distance and displacement in physics: How to find the distance in physics?

As mentioned earlier distance is the total path area covered by a body. So there are many methods to calculate distance. Some of the methods or formulas to calculate distance are as follows: A total sum of distances: You can calculate distance from all the distances covered by the body during its motion.

You need to sum all the distances given. For example, a person covers d1 distance from home to market. And travels d2 distance in his return journey. Which means distance is directly proportional to speed and time. For example, a body travels at a speed of 5m in 50 seconds. From graphs: Sometimes instead of data graphs are given. The distance can be calculated from the speed-time graph. In the above speed-time graph, you can find the distance by calculating the area. These were some of the ways to find the distance in physics.

How to find displacement in physics? Displacement in physics is described as the distance between initial and final points. Here are some ways to find displacement in physics: Distance between initial and final points: Suppose a person starts his journey from his home. So the initial point was his home. And the final point was the market.

So the distance between home and market will be the displacement of the person. Here d1 is the initial point and d2 is the final point. From the velocity-time graph: Displacement is directly dependent on the velocity and time of the option. You can calculate distance from the velocity-time graph. So the displacement of the above graph is 41 meters. These were some tips and formulas to find displacement in physics. What are the differences between distance and displacement?

Although both terms distance and displacement are dependent on distance traveled. Yet there are many dissimilarities between the two that you need to know. The knowledge of the difference between distance and displacement helps you understand the terms better. Have a look at some basic differences between both terms. It is a scalar quantity. It does not depend on direction. It does not depend on the path.

SI unit is meter. It is a vector quantity. It is dependent on direction. It can be a negative value or even a zero value. It depends on the path. Examples of distance and displacement Many problems in physics deal with distance and displacement. In some cases, you need to find both the distance and displacement. In the previous section, you learned the differences between distance and displacement.

Here are a few examples of distance and displacement: A boy traveled 12 meters from his home to the garden. He then traveled to his school which was 6 m away from the garden. Find the total distance traveled and displacement? Find the total distance covered by the body in this duration? Conclusion Physics deals with a lot of terms.

A proper understanding of all is necessary to study the subject. Kinematics is among the prime branches of physics. Distance and displacement are important to study kinematics. His blog gives you a thorough brief about all the differences between distance and displacement. Distance and displacement are related to more terms.

This you can study under different topics of kinematics. FAQ's related to this article 1. Mention the SI unit of both distance and displacement? Meter is the SI unit of both distance and displacement. It can be understood better with the following example. If you have your note book in your bag and you leave home and walk 5 meters north and reach your school, then the displacement between you and you book will be 0 meters because you did not travel away from your notebook.

Difference between Distance and Displacement Distance is the measure of how far you have travelled so far where as displacement tells you how far you are away from the starting point irrespective of the distance you have covered.

Displacement does not count the steps taken or the area covered while travelling, it just calculates the distance from the point you are and the point you originally started from. Whereas distance measures and calculates every area covered regardless of the fact that the area might be covered twice by the object, it just calculates the total area or path covered in total.

One of the most prominent differences between distance and displacement is that the distance covered between the two points is always greater or equal to the magnitude of displacement. Distance is measured even in curves whereas displacement is in a straight line. Distance is the actual path covered and displacement is the shortest distance from the object to the point of origin. Conclusion Distance and displacement are two different yet related terminologies commonly used in physics.

Distance and displacement is actually the path covered irrespective of the direction, it is just concerned with the quantity of the distance of the path covered. Related posts:.

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Distance Vs Displacement - Physics two differences between distance and displacement


For example, if we consider the last example of a bus travelling 5 Kms north and then 5 Kms east, the total displacement will be the length joining the two points. Let us check our understanding with some simple examples.

Example1: A car moves 4 kms to the east and then turns and moves 2 Kms to the south, then again takes a turn moves 4 Kms to the west and then turns towards the north to move 2 Kms and reaches the point she started. Let us find out what is the distance travelled and the displacement.

The above figure represents the motion of the car. The displacement is 0. Now, the displacement is 0 because the car covered a path of 12 km during the travel, but it was not out of place when the car finished. It is in the same place where it started, so there is no displacement of motion.

When we focus our attention on the direction, we notice that the 4 km travelled to the east is cancelled by the 4 Km travelled to the west, and similarly, 2 Km travelled to the south is cancelled by the 2 km travelled the north. So, direction plays an important role in calculating displacement as it is a scalar quantity.

Similarly, while calculating distance, the direction of the car can be ignored. Example 2: A person walks for m in a straight line to participate in a race. He starts from the start point and ends at the finish point. The person walks in a straight line in one direction and finishes the race. In this example, the distance and displacement of the person are equal to m.

Let us calculate the distance covered and displacement of the bus. Distance gives the complete information of the path followed by the body. As against this, displacement does not give the complete information of the path travelled by the object.

Displacement decreases with time, whereas distance does not decrease with time. The value of displacement can be positive, negative or even zero, but the value of the distance is always positive. Distance is a scalar measure, which takes into account the magnitude only, i. Unlike displacement which is a vector measure and takes into account both magnitude and direction. Distance covered is not the unique path, but the displacement between two locations, is the unique path.

Distance can be calculated by multiplying speed and time. On the contrary, the displacement can be calculated by multiplying velocity and time. Conclusion So, with the points mentioned above, you might have understood, the distance and displacement are not same at all. Distance is the actual length of the path covered by someone or something, but displacement is the length of the shortest route between the starting and ending points.

So, displacement is either equal to or less than the distance between two points. Further, the reference point is used in displacement but not in distance.

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What Are Distance and Displacement? - Physics in Motion

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