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Microsoft base smart card crypto provider

Октябрь 2, 2012

microsoft base smart card crypto provider

Deprecated Microsoft cryptography providers · Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider (CAPI) · Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider (CAPI). The smart card minidriver provides a simpler alternative to developing a legacy cryptographic service provider (CSP) by encapsulating most. If you are using a legacy CSP certificate template, select Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider or a third-party smart card CSP that. CINCINNATI REDS GAME TODAY

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The LSA and authentication packages enforce security. Credential providers can be designed to support single sign-in SSO. In this process, they authenticate users to a secure network access point by using RADIUS and other technologies for signing in to the computer. Credential providers are also designed to support application-specific credential gathering, and they can be used for authentication to network resources, joining computers to a domain, or to provide administrator consent for User Account Control UAC.

Multiple credential providers can coexist on a computer. Credential providers must be registered on a computer running Windows, and they are responsible for: Describing the credential information that is required for authentication. Handling communication and logic with external authentication authorities. Packaging credentials for interactive and network sign-in. It describes what needs to be rendered.

Only the password credential provider is available in safe mode. The smart card credential provider is available in safe mode during networking. Smart card subsystem architecture Vendors provide smart cards and smart card readers, and in many cases the vendors are different for the smart card and the smart card reader. Data caching Each CSP implements the current smart card data cache separately.

The existing global cache works as follows: The application requests a cryptographic operation. For example, a user certificate is to be read from the smart card. The CSP checks its cache for the item. If the item is not found in the cache, or if the item is cached but is not up-to-date, the item is read from the smart card. After any item has been read from the smart card, it is added to the cache.

Any existing out-of-date copy of that item is replaced. Three types of objects or data are cached by the CSP: pins for more information, see PIN caching , certificates, and files. If any of the cached data changes, the corresponding object is read from the smart card in successive operations. For example, if a file is written to the smart card, the CSP cache becomes out-of-date for the files, and other processes read the smart card at least once to refresh their CSP cache.

The global data cache is hosted in the Smart Cards for Windows service. These API calls make global data caching functionality available to applications. Every smart card that conforms to the smart card minidriver specification has a byte card identifier. This value is used to uniquely identify cached data that pertains to a given smart card.

These APIs allow an application to add data to and read data from the global cache. After a smart card is authenticated, it will not differentiate among host-side applications—any application can access private data on the smart card. To mitigate this, the smart card enters an exclusive state when an application authenticates to the smart card. However, this means that other applications cannot communicate with the smart card and will be blocked.

Therefore, such exclusive connections are minimized. The issue is that a protocol such as the Kerberos protocol requires multiple signing operations. Therefore, the protocol requires exclusive access to the smart card over an extended period, or it requires multiple authentication operations.

This is where the PIN cache is used to minimize exclusive use of the smart card without forcing the user to enter a PIN multiple times. The following example illustrates how this works. In the Windows Task Manager dialog box, select the Services tab. Select the Name column to sort the list alphabetically, and then type s. In the Name column, look for SCardSvr, and then look under the Status column to see if the service is running or stopped. To restart Smart Card service Run as administrator at the command prompt.

If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then select Yes. At the command prompt, type net stop SCardSvr. At the command prompt, type net start SCardSvr. You can use the following command at the command prompt to check whether the service is running: sc queryex scardsvr.

To check if smart card reader is working Navigate to Computer. Right-click Computer, and then select Properties. Under Tasks, select Device Manager. In Device Manager, expand Smart card readers, select the name of the smart card reader you want to check, and then select Properties.

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