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Sevendust better place avatar korra

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sevendust better place avatar korra

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Iroh Tribute - Tea With a Stranger


Korra has to struggle to overcome what happened, and we see much more of her interior struggles and the trauma that she faces. The show combines many elements from decades in our own world but gives them a unique spin. Plus, we get to see a world where technology and the magic of bending are combined into one.

While there were some vehicles and weapons of war in The Last Airbender, mostly from the Fire Nation, the technology in Korra is much more advanced and really fascinating to see. The animation styles of the two series are very different, and the LOK animation style makes you feel more immersed in the world and the small elements that inhabit that world.

Firelord Ozai is the big villain, but his children also function as villains at different times in the series. While there are some side villains such as Sparky Sparky Boom Man, mostly there is one theme and focus to the bad guys. Legend of Korra, on the other hand, uses different villains in different seasons to explore different themes and complex issues. Amon, for example, in season one, is a villain that is used to call attention to a world where some people are benders and some are not, and the inherent problems that could create in society.

Team Avatar was always working toward defeating the Fire Lord and his reign of terror against the other nations. However, this meant that a lot of the episodes were just filler towards bigger battles and scenes that led to that final goal. From Korra renouncing her title as the Avatar in season four, to the Spirit World focus in season two, and more, Legend of Korra was able to tell complex narratives that expanded on the world that had been set up in The Last Airbender.

While Legend of Korra struggled at first to tell realistic and relatable romantic narratives, they finally found their footing in a very satisfying way when they had Asami and Korra get together. For fans who hold the source material near and dear to their hearts, The Legend of Korra regularly attracts criticism for seeming inconsistencies with Avatar: The Last Airbender. The sequel series made much of its freedom to push the boundaries of the franchise into bold new horizons; however, such criticisms sometimes gloss over the faults of its predecessor.

Case in point: the Avatar State. The powerful ability to amplify bending and commune with past lives had very little consistency in the original series, and in this respect, Korra greatly improved on the lore. The Avatar State appears early on in the original series, and even in its first few incarnations, it seems to operate under an inconsistent ruleset.

In "The Avatar Returns," it triggers a defense mechanism that allows Aang to sweep away the Fire Nation forces threatening him. In "The Southern Air Temple," it's triggered by Aang's emotional distress in grieving the loss of the Air Nomads, while in "The Storm," it's depicted as the force that first froze him in the iceberg after he and Appa were caught in a torrential storm. It also saves Appa and the Gaang from another storm in the present time during that same episode, pulling them safely from the sea.

The constant recurrence of the Avatar State during times of crisis raises the following question: where was this powerful ability during all the other times? Such crises occur invariably throughout the series without a peep from the Avatar State -- for instance, when Aang is helplessly imprisoned in "The Blue Spirit" or distraught over burning Katara in "The Deserter.

There's even less consistency when it comes to communing with Aang's past lives.

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Kuvira -- I'll Be Good -- TLOK AMV sevendust better place avatar korra

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