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Ethereal fluidium

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ethereal fluidium

The ethereal fluidium is the part of the etheric body which surrounds the physical body that brings the life-force into the individual cells. Hair, with its. An ethereal moment of beauty captured for infinity. Chromed 3D printed resin reinforced with fiberglass makes Category. 21st Century and Contemporary. ETHEREAL FLUIDIUM carries the life force to the individual cells by transferring light energy between the. I happily receive all the love and abundance of. 60 PCT TO MAKE MONEY IN SPORTS BETTING

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If you are NOT able to press these fingers apart easily, the answer to your question is "yes". Use a steady pressure. It takes some practice to get the pressures right and to feel comfortable with this method, but after a few days of continual use, you should begin to trust it. Once learned, it's the easiest method, since you always have your hands with you! An easy way to make a pendulum is by tying a metal washer or other object of similar weight to a string.

Practice with your pendulum, finding out what is "yes" and "no" for you. Usually "yes" will be clockwise, or up-and-down, and "no" will be counterclockwise or sideways. You can instruct your pendulum as to which way you prefer.

Just be consistent. When you understand your method and are comfortable with it, hold the pendulum or your hands over the essences, one at a time, and ask, "Do I need this now? Simply state your intention: "Which of these essences would be most useful to me at this time? Other ways of muscle testing involve using a partner. Hold the essence in one hand, against your heart or abdomen usually, while holding out your other arm to the side.

If your partner is able to easily push your arm down, there is no connection and that essence will not strengthen you at this time. If your partner has trouble pushing your arm down, then that essence will strengthen your system and is a good choice at this time. Or you can use your own body as your pendulum. Stand up straight holding the essence. Stand for a few seconds, seeing if you feel your body being pulled forwards, backwards, or not at all. Forwards would indicate a "yes", backwards or no movement at all a "no".

You can do this with combinations of essences as well. Each of these methods involves practicing first, to become comfortable with the method and build confidence in the answers as they come through you. A few days of practice should be enough.

Remember to breathe and center yourself before you begin. Don't ask questions that have an emotional content for you, as this can throw off the answers. These methods work very well for dowsing essences and elixirs, because you have no emotional stake in the outcome of whether or not a particular essence would be good for you at this time. Bach concluded that disease is a physical manifestation of a block or imbalance in the person's psyche.

Hilarion channeled through Ryerson as reported by Gurudas describes this block as being in the etheric bodies surrounding the physical body. As a last resort the imbalance manifests as a disease in the physical body, in order to bring it to your attention so you can deal with it. Therefore, most physical problems are manifestations of an imbalance in the ethereal realms: psychological mental , spiritual, or emotional.

This includes inherited weaknesses and karma carried over from "past" lives. Nowadays we are dealing with extensive pollution to our environment which is also a factor. Vibrational remedies such as flower essences can treat these imbalances and blockages in the ethereal bodies before they become physical pain or disease. When physical symptoms are present, flower essences still work mostly in the ethereal realms, treating the causes of the disease rather than the symptoms.

Sometimes they take longer to show effects on physical symptoms. They work more quickly on emotional, psychological, and spiritual dis-eases. This is especially true of essences at 10MM potency, which are treating causes all the way into the spiritual bodies [see below]. Gem elixirs and homeopathic remedies are also vibrational remedies. Gem elixirs work on both the physical and etheric bodies. Homeopathic remedies work mainly on the physical body and its symptoms. The difference lies in how they do this.

Homeopathic preparations imitate the vibration of the blockage or dis-ease in order to amplify these vibrations like treats like , thus helping the body's own immune system to "kick in" to eventually eliminate them. Gem elixirs and flower essences, however, amplify healthy vibrations, in order to bring the body back into balance through entrainment.

Disease vibrations are unstable, being invasive. They do not belong where they are. Broadcasting a healthy vibration throughout the affected area, a vibration which imitates the normal healthy vibration of that part of the body, can cause the disease vibration to disintegrate and be expelled through the ethereal bodies.

Vibrational remedies depend on the crystalline and electromagnetic systems of the body to achieve this therapeutic amplification of their healthy vibrations. As the remedy is ingested or put on the skin or sprayed into the auric bodies that surround the physical body the frequencies enter the circulatory system.

These vibrations then move to midway between the circulatory and nervous systems, creating an electromagnetic current due to the polarity of the two systems. From here they travel to the meridians the meridians use the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to feed life force into the body. From the meridians the remedy's life force enters the subtle bodies, chakras, or returns to the physical body depending on the remedy. If the remedy reenters the physical body, it does so through the etheric body and ethereal fluidium, the chakras, or the skin.

It then travels again via the passageway between the nervous and circulatory systems to reach the cellular level of the imbalanced areas of the physical body. The entire process happens instantaneously, but it may take awhile for the results to be experienced. Toxins are then pushed out of the body by the vibrations of the essence amplified by the body's crystalline systems for purification in the ethers.

Some toxins may be pulled back into the body by the mind. This will continue until the person experiences a cleansing of consciousness and release of emotional attachments and mental misconceptions essences can help bring this about, also. People are often resistant to any change, being more afraid of the unknown than of the familiar pain. When they feel the energy of the dis-ease leaving, they sometimes panic and pull it back in; this can create temporary nausea.

The ethers are able to purify toxins because the toxins are unstable in relation to the perfect state of harmony of the ethers. To understand this, try to sing an "A-flat" when a roomful of people or instruments are playing an "A". The effectiveness of flower essences and gem elixirs depends in part on the will of the patient. They heal gradually, according to the person's willingness to make changes in perceptions and habits.

As mentioned above, VERY occasionally someone will take an essence that helps them to release energies that they are not emotionally ready yet to release. They will then reach out and pull back the energies that had been released. This creates a vortex which can make the person feel a bit nauseous. The solution is to consciously work on the emotional component of the problem; perhaps to choose another essence as well that will help to work on this emotional component.

Also to ask your spiritual guidance to send some help. You can stop taking the essences, but this just postpones the problem. Your guidance has brought you to the place of taking the essences in the first place, so you are "ready" for this release.

It has only happened with 2 of my clients in over 25 years, and one was a relative I have learned to not give essences to people unless they ASK for them! Most of the above description of how essences work is a summary of information in Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. II, Cassandra Press, , pp. This book is out of print, but may be found on used-book sites on the internet such as www. I have found that it is often the little wild flower that springs up under my front steps that is the one I really need right now!

Once you start working with the Nature Kingdom, they will constantly find ways to get your attention and work with you. This is one of the most rewarding parts of working with essences: communicating with Nature. If you do start making essences and have questions, please contact me. All the ailments that we tend to experience in the physical first start out in the subtle bodies.

In true health, the subtle bodies are perfectly aligned with each other. There is a thin wall encasing each subtle body, and they should exist in a certain area about the physical body. Flower essences often restore imbalances in these bodies. For instance, zinnia essence generates a good balance between the physical and emotional bodies, which creates a good sense of humor.

A few flower essences such as lotus, pomegranate and redwood temporarily align all the subtle bodies. When this happens, toxicity is released from the physical and subtle bodies, so vibrational remedies work better and positive personality changes result. For instance, when the mental and emotional bodies are improperly linked with the etheric body, anxiety results.

When the mental body spills over into the emotional body, mental lethargy and a loss of confidence ensues. Or when the mental and emotional bodies are too close, frustration, unknown fears, and an inability to divide emotional and mental issues transpires. Do you often get sick from viruses or bacteria? Is your immune system functioning below par? If so, then it may mean that your ethereal fluidium is out of balance. Do you often experience various aches and pains throughout your body?

If so, then it may mean that your Etheric Body is weakened. Do you find yourself still gaining weight whilst eating healthy and exercising?

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The importance of the ethereal fluidum.

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ethereal fluidium


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