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Lodha panel betting trends

Октябрь 2, 2012

lodha panel betting trends

Answer (1 of 3): The Lodha committee that had investigated the whole IPL Scam has suggested that betting on cricket matches should be made. What is significant about the Lodha Committee favouring legalised sports betting? The Lodha Committee's recommendation to legalise betting. On allegations of corruption, match fixing and betting scandals in cricket, Supreme Court appointed a three panel member led by Justice R.M. Lodha in. LIVEBETTING

The Lodha Committee Report noted that legalising betting in a similar manner to the United Kingdom would benefit the game of cricket as well as the Indian economy in the long term. This recommendation was similar to that of a prior committee, the Justice Mudgal Committee, also constituted by the Supreme Court, who also emphasised that sports betting would needed to be regulated and legalised by the Government of India in order to safeguard the integrity of the game of cricket, curb malpractices, and earn tax revenue for the Government.

With regard to ensuring the latter, betting by persons involved in the conduct of the game of cricket, such as administrators, players, match officials, team officials, owners, etc. The court had opined that when skill-based games are played for money in the virtual space, this renders them illegal, and also that the degree of skill involved in playing these games in physical form could not be equated with those played online. It is important to note that this particular judgment is only binding on the parties to the matter, and that it has already been challenged before the Delhi High Court.

This is the only matter currently dealing with the skill versus chance test in the context of the online world. They also disputed the order on the grounds that poker remained a game of skill regardless of whether it was played online or offline. The State had not presented its case earlier, ahead of the District Court of Delhi. The counsel appearing on behalf of the State mentioned that they would be relying on the cases of KR Lakshmanan v. Laxmi Narayan Chopra. The revision petition will be heard again on April 21, Under the Nagaland Bill, a game would require a preponderance of skill over chance in determining the outcome to be considered as a game of skill.

Elements required as evidence of this include i strategizing the manner in which wagers or bets are placed, ii selection of a team or virtual stocks, or iii determination of the manner in which the moves are made. An entity or a person interested in offering games of skill on a website, mobile platform etc. The revenue models contemplated by the Bill include i advertising revenue, ii claim of a percentage of winnings or iii charging a fixed fee. There will be some pushback from the various states with regard to the applicability of a national law on a state subject.

It is here where the recommendation is likely to face a stiff challenge. No Bets on Betting Legalising sports betting is a controversial topic across the world. In the US, it is a state subject, and only a handful of states have legalised sports betting there. But there, too, it remains regulated. In India, the challenge will be the balance between accepting it as a necessary mechanism for helping eradicate unsavoury elements that threaten the credibility of sport and potentially impact national security, with the stigma that Indian society may attach to betting and gambling.

Ironically, in the recommendations that aim to separate politics from sport, the issue of legalising sports betting could become mired in political leveraging at the state level. This could be the biggest reason why the Supreme Court may opt not to accept this particular recommendation, at least at this juncture. Legalising betting is expected to reduce the prevalence of black money making its way into the economy, and promoting nefarious activities.

It is also expected to bring significant revenue for the government with some estimates at Rs 10,, crore annually, while at the same time helping monitor and regulate sportsrelated activities and discrepancies. There are two direct positive effects: the first is creating a platform for above-board transactions either online or otherwise, where the casual sports bettor has an opportunity to bet on sports.

The other is consolidation. If the legal platform attracts most of the sport betting activity, then it would automatically lead to the ease of monitoring and enforcing by the authorities. The risk with this premise is that certain individuals would prefer betting transactions through illegal black money channels, and could remain outside the regulating and monitoring mechanisms.

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