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Beta 52a placement of boy

Октябрь 2, 2012

beta 52a placement of boy

said this, he was placing two mics in front of a guitar cabinet at what seemed, Beta 52 kick drum mic and blend it with an MD in the “S” position. the d is supposed to sit inside of the kick drum for the best sound. Akg!!!! The size of the bass drum also makes a difference. Hence, the "boominess" of the. Joe Barresi, on the other hand, prefers the MD or Shure Beta 52 inside, and although he lists the U47 as one option for the external mic, the alternatives he. JIANGSU SUNNY MINING BITCOINS

For toms mics, they have to be outside but aimed towards the center of tom, maybe a 60 degree angle. You have to angle the mic at the center. Generally, one of them will require the phase to be flipped. But listen with the overheads to verify that. Facing towards the kit but on the other side from the drummer. Room mics are further away. The mono overhead is the Led Zeppelin effect, then the room mics are like the Motown sound.

I balance them depending on the song. I place room mics about six feet high, ten feet from the snare. If you pan them hard you get a slight delay from one side of the image to the other. I place hi-hat mics about four inches away, halfway between the edge and the bell.

The overheads usually pick up the ride cymbal. For snare, just an SM57, it does the job. About an inch in and pointed toward the center of the drum. Or the Shure SM7, which is similar sounding. You have to sneak the floor tom mic in there between the ride and the second rack tom. And I use a Neumann U47 for a mono overhead. But if I was going to do two traditional overheads, sometimes I will measure so that they are equidistant from the snare drum.

The drums are in the corner, then the room mics are placed to create a 90 degree triangle. If the mics are out like that, it gives you the actual sense of being in the room. Benefits of expensive mics? A Neumann U47 has that silky smooth top end. A Shure 57 is pretty similar, the has a boost around 4k, whereas the 57 boost is around 2k. A Shure SM 81; that is a great midrange small diaphragm condenser. But I think anyone interested in recording should figure out how to make a great recording with an SM57 and an Mbox.

Then worry about getting more gear. Parallel walls are such a disaster for sound. So anything you can do to change that. Put that on the wall and cover it with any kind of fabric. That will absorb high frequencies which are the problem there. You can even build some little 4x4 frames, and fill them with the foam. Then move them around, or space them evenly along the walls. When micing in new situation, what is your process? First of all, I make sure the drummer tunes his drums.

A well tuned drum and a good player are the most important elements to getting a good drum sound. Some times you can identify a drummer blindly by just a snare hit. In the studio I want to listen to individual drums for a pretty short time. Maybe five minutes apiece. Mostly to make sure that everything is working, that the signal path is good. A great pickup on a cheap guitar will make it sound like a cheap guitar. A cheap pickup on a great guitar will make it sound like a cheap guitar.

Mic-ing a cab is only really worth the trouble if you have a fantastic tone. Which brings up another point: Most sound guys just make it loud. But, if you have a sound guy you trust and a good sounding rig, it might very well be worth exploring the mic option. No amps and everything is direct to our in-ears.

This is a dream for our front-of-house engineer but it was a bit challenging to me and the guitarist, because I really missed my live sound. The shows sounded incredible, but I felt like I was in a studio and had a hard time copping a live vibe. The amp simulator really helped me to feel more comfortable on stage because it closely resembled the tone I want on stage.

Everybody is happy! Bottom line: experiment and go with what not only sounds best to you but works best for the situation. Hopefully you are blessed with quality sound guys! How about you? As always, I love what readers add to these columns. Photo by rockmixer Have a question for Damian Erskine? Send it to [email protected].

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