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G3 platinum side betting system.

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g3 platinum side betting system.

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Tough calls: A close third in last year's Million as the post time favorite, Deauville has been a major disappointment since. In reality, he's probably more like a shot, but as a recognizable name trained by Aidan O'Brien and ridden by Ryan Moore, my thought was he'll take more action than he deserves. Century Dream just missed in the Queen Anne G1 two back at , but that was over a straight mile and the winner was He tired in the Summer Mile G2 last out, and I'm not sure a furlong American turf race is what he wants to do.

On the flip side, horseplayers looking for the "upside Euro" might decide to put their chips on his number, those lowering the price slightly, but I'm guessing is his floor. Beverly D. This is what maand clustering. A classifier might aim to predict chine learning is doing for the industry now.

The classifier might learn age this technology to its fullest. A clusdifficult to find talent, and market rates for the tering algorithm might learn that I probably want to skill set are high. However, since machine learning watch the latest season of Sherlock, or that people is all about prediction, I will offer one of my own: who buy diapers at the grocery store also buy beer— machine learning will be transformational in gamsomething to which this new dad can attest!

These operators have realized that they must create compelling environments and engaging experiences to fully penetrate their marketplaces and improve property performance. This strategy is not new, as it has been employed in markets like Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau.

However, recent developments in these markets have truly reimagined the concept. Some operators have even developed unique amenities and services to target groups of patrons within their markets. In Macau, operators have become increasingly sophisticated at creating products that are specifically curated for their market. Successful facilities in Macau have been designed and built in a way that adheres to the principles of feng shui and other relevant design philosophies.

Colors like red and gold are utilized, as they represent good fortune and joy, while the numbers 6, 8, and 9 are often found in p. Multilingual dealers are recruited and trained to cater to a variety of market segments and allow customers to feel more comfortable on the casino floor.

These strategies are not unique to Macau. Globally, operators have noticed how important these strategies are in attracting new segments within their markets. In Cambodia, NagaWorld offers an incredibly diverse mix of dining options that appeals to visitors from across Asia. They even maintain an academy that teaches foreign languages to the Cambodian employees.

These strategies are not always successful, as several operators have attempted to penetrate their marketplaces by developing faux environments and experiences. Developments such as the Lucky Dragon in Las Vegas missed the mark in their attempt to attract the Chinese-American and Chinese visitor segments. In other instances, developers have over- or under-built their facilities in an attempt to create unique and attractive experiences.

Despite these attempts, operators will continue to innovate and reimagine their offerings to provide patrons with unique experiences and crafted environments in Szybala is a partner and the executive director of operations at Global Market Advisors. Their focus is laser sharp, helping address the needs of gaming executives and general counsel, utilizing decades of experience on a global level, all within a single firm.

He has served as an executive and as counsel for many casino corporations and is a former member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Mark A. Clayton C O M The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and our experience. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Attorneys at Law. All rights reserved. Attorney Advertising.

Contact: Martha A. Sabol in Chicago at In the coming year, as states and U. A handful of sports betting operators have already begun to establish partnerships with professional sports leagues and data providers.

These moves were made to ensure that operators have the best possible access to data feeds as well as advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Sports betting data feeds are a critical piece of the puzzle, as they allow bookmakers to enhance the accuracy of the odds they set and expand the amount and type of products they can offer. These feeds must come from trusted sources that can deliver information in an immediate manner.

These strategic moves are expected to continue to ramp up as more markets come on line in the next year. Ingame wagering is offered in countries throughout Europe, and represents a sizeable portion of total wagering in those markets. By offering these products, legal operators will be able to lure patrons away from illegal wagering outlets.

In-game and in-play will be critical to not only attract serious sports bettors but also casual fans who want to participate, and feel like they can compete and have a chance to win. To demonstrate the value of sports betting to sports leagues, teams and other stakeholders, legal operators will find ways to demonstrate the positive impact sports betting can have on viewership and fan engagement.

Effective in-game products will not only help drive additional fan engagement and viewership, but increase the value and role that media plays in sports. This will be accomplished by continuing to innovate products that offer unique game-play options that differentiate the legal market from the illegal market.

These include social apps as well as wagering apps that are able to engage more fans. One of the defining trends of recent decades has been the influx of MBA graduates coming from outside of gaming and hospitality to management roles in large gaming companies. This approach has reaped success and is set to endure, as fresh investment is made to the industry, corporate consolidation continues and the need increases to hire people who have the skills to progress large and complex organizations.

Moreover, we are now at the time when retirement calls for many of those that built Las Vegas and Atlantic City over the past decades. Qualifications are as important as experience in Hiring MBA graduates and from outside the industry throughout the s has undoubtedly brought benefits in terms of fresh and innovative thinking as well as best practice, as seen in other industries. The capture, collection and analysis of customer data in a centralized manner has been the most noticeable outcome of this strategy, as has the structured and collegiate approach to decision-making, where once the decisions were the preserve of the founder or owner of the enterprise.

This generation of management has now been in place for over a decade, and there is recognition that unlike previous gaming executives that were pigeonholed in this industry, their skill set is highly transferable and desirable, yet many of the executives have no desire to leave. Rather, there is a growing desire for these hires, now in their second decade in the industry, to further transition to senior management and assume key leadership roles with greater responsibility, either within the existing market players, the corporate parents, or indeed to take roles within competitors in the online or land-based spaces.

Elsewhere, MGM corporate executives like David Tsai and Chris Gumiela have moved to property level, as Las Vegas-based companies needed qualified boots on the ground to manage their expanding regional footprint and implement more focused strategies that were once the responsibilities of traditional hospitality professionals.

It may be that as the corporate center streamlines at a senior level, this movement of people outward for new challenges will continue. The question arises in how this affects tribal holdings or companies where the founder or dominant executive still has an operational presence. Tribal operations are similar in many ways to family offices, and many of those that have worked for Wynn, Boyd and Las Vegas Sands have likened the experience to working in a family business.

Indeed, there is much that these companies can gain from the successful transition from family businesses to family offices, where external professionals, again from the private financial sector, have come in to assist in planning and analysis, not to mention strategic leadership. As the Seminole ex perience shows us, tribal casinos can evolve from single assets to global brands and multifaceted enterprises. It may be that will be the year when this transition completes, not just in Las Vegas but throughout the industry.

We congratulate our Emerging Gaming Leader C. Fisher C. Fisher We congratulate our Emerging Gaming Leader attorneys 27 offices nationwide foxrothschild. T he fight for gender equality took center stage in with metoo, which led to the downfall of powerful men including Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Al Franken and of course, Steve Wynn.

Last February, Wynn stepped down from the empire he founded amid allegations of chronic sexual misconduct. The news is encouraging: MGM Resorts now has four women board members. In October, Caesars appointed its first. Then, sponsorship and mentorship practices must move those recruits through the system, and performance evaluations must include diversity and inclusiveness criteria. We want 50 percent of women at the highest levels. James, Executive Vice cultures, ideas and viewpoints— President and Chief Diversity and to create better, innovative strate- Corporate Responsibility Officer, gies and methods for exceptional MGM Resorts International products and guest services.

There are ebbs and flows, big leaps and incremental steps. Companies must go beyond bare legal minimum and truly embrace diversity. Speak up. Take stretch assignments. If you hit a roadblock, figure out why it happened and get some advice about it. Then they started doing blind auditions, where applicants auditioned behind a curtain. Now almost 50 percent are women. I call it a managed revolution, where companies look at themselves and grade themselves on where they are. And the workforce can grade them too.

Hard Rock International, a multibillion-dollar enterprise of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, is taking a leadership role, pursuing projects in Japan, Costa Rica and Spain. The tribe operates several gambling and hotel facilities in the Southeast and the Caribbean. The commercial ventures are a natural extension of a tribal gambling industry that exploded with passage in of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act IGRA , which dovetailed a U. Supreme Court ruling recognizing the sovereign right of tribes to operate gambling on Indian lands.

Unlike commercial casinos, slots and table games at dog and horse tracks are largely a method used by the parimutuel industry to generate increased purses. Tribal government gambling revenue for rose 3. For some tribes, the goal is to achieve regional diversification of their gambling and hospitality enterprises while discouraging increasing competition from commercial casino companies.

The downside of off-reservation commercial investments is the relinquishing of tax and regulatory benefits associated with operating as a government business enterprise. In addition, tribes moving off Indian lands are often confronted with increased competition. Some joined the group to monitor issues such as sports wagering, others to seek out commercial casino ventures.

Some tribes are looking at geographical diversification. They are looking to do gaming outside of the reservation boundaries to mitigate economic or competitive issues. Large-format slots once were a novelty. No more. Next year will be one of the more critical years in the process as Japan contemplates the largest land-based gaming opportunity since Singapore in the mids.

While outside observers may not see significant progress, a regulatory framework will be established in that will likely include more than regulations. Responsible operators will need to pay close attention throughout the year to understand the details and legislative intent behind the IR Implementation Bill and lobby to help formulate any regulations that are made in the coming year.

Interested parties will begin handicapping the potential location of each IR opportunity and either fine-tune, reposition or implement a ground game to position themselves for each opportunity. While many companies have opened offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Sasebo, Tomakomai and other locations, this coming year will be instrumental as operators begin to develop and formalize partnerships and relationships at the local level while formulating their IR teams.

Responsible gaming measures will also be a key consideration in As these plans are still being developed by the government, stakeholders will work to ensure that any responsible gaming programs in Japan are evidence-based and should focus on all IR-based and non-IR-based forms of gambling including pachinko and pachislot.

This process will also require the training of professionals to address the small percentage of the population that may develop a problem with gambling to make sure a safety net is available. While the first integrated resort in Japan will not likely open until at least , will prove to be a defining year in determining the future of the market.

All of this will be a catalyst in establishing an extremely competitive RFP process into Let the race begin. Bussmann is a partner and director of government affairs with Global Market Advisors. Large-format slot machines were traditionally designed to draw a crowd of customers who, presumably, would gaze in wonder at reels that were as large as car tires spinning under a billboard-sized paytable. In short, large-format slots used to be placed purely for their novelty value, to populate an otherwise sparsely populated area of a slot floor.

That has changed. Over the past few years, giantsized slot machines have become common, and not only in rarely visited corners of the floor. They are designed to be played. Examples abound in the game libraries of most of the top slot manufacturers. Players love the game, thanks to program math that is so effective that the supplier is now using the same math on standard-sized slots. Physically, it is designed for two to play in comfort, with a cushy bench seat and dual spin buttons in front of the big inch monitor.

Aristocrat offers the Edge XL, a new video format featuring dual inch landscape monitors. Launched last year with a new version of the Madonna game, the cabinet moves on this year with Mad Max Fury Road. It all leads to one giant-sized conclusion: Large-format games are no longer just for show. They are for serious play. Please join us for two full days of interactive, high-level discussions centered on the challenges North American Regulators face in the wake of an ever-changing gaming industry.

These gentlemen were field agents for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and this was a terribly exciting and interesting event. This was my introduction to gaming regulation, and at the time, Nevada was the only state in the nation that had legal casino gaming. I believe these to be some of the most critical years in the evolution of the Nevada, and therefore, the U. While gaming became legal in Nevada in , it never attracted much regulatory attention until , and that was primarily centered on an effort to tax the industry to generate revenues for the state.

The board itself was founded in , and in , 11 pages of regulations guided it. I moved into the casino industry in operations and was regulated for over 30 years, including a stint on a board of directors that caused me to file gaming applications in over jurisdictions.

Then, apparently being totally confused as to the direction one was to go through the revolving door, I became a regulator, first as a commissioner in the largest gambling state in the nation and later as an executive director in a foreign jurisdiction. The point is, gaming regulation has been a significant part of my adult life, and I have technically been an adult for a very long time. I have also never been more pessimistic as to the future of gaming regulation.

I am a critic of much of what passes for gaming regulation, a fact that I kept somewhat to myself as an operator, and became more vocal about as a regulator. I am OK with that, but that is not my intent. Before one can begin to talk about trends in regulation, I believe it is important to understand the reality of the gaming regulatory entities within the states of the United States. First of all, the state agencies are monopolies, and I believe some often behave like monopolies, offering slowness to innovate, low service levels and high prices.

Moreover, they are bureaucracies, and this is not a structure that is known to facilitate innovation and speed to market. In addition, many of these bureaucracies have policies that are shaped by government unions and civil service protections, and while these are great, they make for management challenges that one does not typically find in the private sector.

Finally, they are dependent upon legislatures for funding, and legislatures do not like spending more money in this area, for they cannot collect nice campaign contributions by pushing for better regulation. I also believe that the regulation of gaming on a state-by-state basis is an antique vestige of a bygone era that has become technologically obsolete and 28 Global Gaming Business DECEMBER economically inefficient. I also believe that the federal government, regardless of the party in power, cannot be trusted to offer viable gaming regulation.

These are structural, institutional and historical challenges that one finds in gaming regulation today. In and around the industry side, things have never been moving so fast. Technologies involving gaming and near gaming products, and the entities that surround them, are exploding across the landscape at a pace that no one can completely understand. The complexity of the industry and its regulatory challenges has never been greater, and this explosion has recently found a new source of fuel provided by the legal changes involving sports wagering, definitions of what is gambling, and a technological world that is changing at an incredibly rapid rate.

What I am suggesting is that presently the gaming industry finds itself at a Malthusian dilemma where the industry is moving along at an exponential growth rate, driven by legal changes and technological innovation, and the regulatory agencies are moving along at an arithmetic rate.

This is the most significant source of tension that exists in gaming today, and how this tension is resolved will shape the majority of trends for the future. What needs to happen, I would suggest, is a cultural revolution within the agencies, a structural revolution in how the industry is regulated, and enlightened politicians who are more interested in doing the right thing than padding their campaign war chests.

None of this, I unfortunately believe, will happen. So what we find is a world of increased mergers and acquisitions often involving foreign entities , new financial structures like REITs, new gaming verticals, gamblification, social gaming, skill-based gaming, mobile gaming, AML, payment innovations, esports, huge challenges in game integrity, massive data protection issues, the launching of sports wagering, geolocation, cryptocurrencies, new threats of problem gambling, and on and on the list grows—all within a regulatory environment that cannot expand its employee base and secure the other resources they need to do an adequate job.

And how are the politicians responding? Not by strengthening the process but by pressuring the agencies to move forward in a mad grab for more government revenues, or to appease some lobbying group that could care less about the state or issues of integrity.

I learned the gambling business in the old days from men and women who continually made the point that it was a privileged industry. I still believe that, but I seem to be in a minority. We need to slow the explosion of gambling in our society down, for there are huge issues before us including problem gambling, integrity, public policy and the like, the impact of which we do not understand.

Without slowing things down, we run the risk of the worst type of regulation, that being regulation by prayer, and I sincerely believe that regulation by prayer will be the biggest trend in In short, the trend is we are beyond the tipping point in trying to do too much too soon, and our regulatory agencies are overwhelmed.

He is sincerely appreciative of the help he received from his friends and colleagues throughout the gaming world in developing this article, understanding that any and all errors are his own. Escher is one of the most famous uses of perspective and mathematical precision in the art world. The classic view of Las Vegas for decades centered around the table games loved by the World War II generation, but the last two decades of the 20th century saw tables declining in favor of slot machines that were newly computerized, carrying popular entertainment themes and advertising huge jackpots.

Over the past few years, the best of both the slot and table-game genres have merged on U. ETGs themselves are not new. Space also was a factor in the rise of ETGs in Asian markets like Macau, where limits on the number of table games left a ton of unmet demand from players. The solution there has been the stadium-style ETG, which sets up cameras on any number of different live tables and beams the video to slotstyle terminals often numbering in the hundreds.

The former Shuffle Master now part of Scientific Games was happy to oblige in these markets with the Table Master series now Table Master Fusion , which features video dealers on screens in front of slot-like betting terminals. However, in the U. Over the past few years, there has been a palpable change. A perfect storm of declining slot-machine play and the floor space that trend opened up , advancing technology and a recognition of the success of the Asian model has made the electronic table game a growing choice for casinos across the U.

As with traditional live tables, side bets have helped fuel the ETG surge, bringing house hold up and injecting slot-style excitement into the age-old games. The stadium style of ETG also is popping up across the U. While the average ETG footprint in the U. The games were sought after by patrons, which led to the casino quickly increasing the number of positions to nearly in Currently, the casino has more than ETG positions on the floor to meet customer demand.

That appeals to a lot of people. This I would easily play. Slot players who have wanted to try tables can now learn in a more private, comfortable environment. There also are many players—both young and old—who simply enjoy the machine experience and the ability to play several games at once in the stadium setups. We believe it can completely coexist without cannibalizing from either side.

Dejong says Wynn is currently examining possible expansion of its ETG footprint on the Strip as well. He says the operator has been testing the waters with automated roulette from Interblock and the Fusion series from Scientific Games, and is in discussions with Aruze as well.

And I think it will do well. ETG stadium installations using the LT Baccarat system are currently feeding live table games to 30 play stations in a setup at Palace Station, with upwards of 20 seats at the Palms. Station also employs individual multiplayer ETGs at several of its properties. Are they slot machines or table games? That depends on the jurisdiction, but even where they are considered slot machines for regulatory purposes, the operators—some are slot operations officials; others are on the table-game side—find ways to measure their performance that does not involve comparing them to the house average take for slot machines.

Horn notes that while the revenue reports to the state list the ETGs with slots, management does not gauge their performance the way slots are evaluated. We had to rewrite the internal controls at Red Rock, just because we had never had that system in the past. Horn says side bets appeal to the slot mentality, creating a hybrid experience that brings in new revenue. The major manufacturers of ETGs understand this as well. In addition to the auto-roulette and the Dynasty brand of live blackjack, baccarat and sic bo, the supplier has introduced LiveConnect, which enables any live baccarat or roulette game on a casino floor to be beamed to ETG setups.

It adds more dynamics to the game. At G2E, Aruze introduced the follow-up to its popular Shoot to Win Craps, a hybrid table set up to resemble a live game. Called Roll to Win Craps, the table features real dice with separate play stations for electronic wagers. The table itself uses projection animation to display anything from roll history to outside advertising, and the game progresses like a normal craps game, with only one dealer required.

And it seemed to be working quite successfully, which gave us some confidence that if we were to really create a product and take it global, it could work. In the U. Ten percent of a floor seems optimistic, but it remains to be seen.

Smokefree air a means a attracting ttracting more people ffor or gaming and non-gaming n-gaming business, showing corpora corporate te responsibi responsibility, ility, and pro protecting tecting tthe he health o off all emplo employees yees and pa patrons.

Help support our work to improve health — for gaming workers, customers, and communities. The California Nations Indian Gaming Association CNIGA , a group of 38 gaming and non-gaming tribes, is also seeking a legislative audit of a Special Distribution Fund used to mitigate impacts of tribal government casinos, including problem gambling and regulatory costs. The first is a pending lawsuit against the card rooms for allegedly operating illegal games, despite BGC oversight.

The second is threatened tribal litigation against the state for violating exclusivity provisions in the tribal-state regulatory agreements, or compacts. Many states have bifurcated gambling regulatory systems.

But California has the only politically bifurcated gambling regulatory structure in the country with adjudicatory and enforcement agencies under the authority of two constitutionally elected officials. Policy, licensing and regulations are functions of the GCC, an agency under the authority of outgoing Governor Jerry Brown. The two agencies, established with passage of the Gambling Control Act of , are directly responsible for regulating 74 card rooms while providing limited oversight of 63 licensed tribal casinos.

Federal law gives tribal governments primacy over the regulation of their casinos. Racetracks and the lottery are regulated separately. The GCC and BGC have come under criticism for failing to adequately regulate and police the card rooms, which since have been the target of at least eight federal raids for money-laundering, loan-sharking and other violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

But the BGC for the last six years has failed to bring game regulations in compliance with state law and tribal exclusivity. California Penal Code prohibits banked and percentage games, yet card rooms openly advertise blackjack and other games banked by thirdparty proposition player firms, or TPPPs. California Penal Code They argue policy. The clubs are politically allied with the municipalities, many of which rely on card rooms for 60 percent or more of their tax revenue.

The governor and attorney general are aware of the clout wielded by the prosperous tribal casinos and the struggling card room industry, which since has shrunk from to 74 licensees. The number of tables has remained stable at about 1,, partly due to a statewide moratorium. David Vialpando, chairman of the Santa Ysabel Tribal Gaming Commission and a former BGC supervisory agent, says enforcement agents generally refrain from letting politics interfere with their duties.

But political issues flare up at the top of the regulatory food chain. He wants a total regulatory overhaul. Card room operators contend strict interpretation of laws and regulations dealing with table games could cripple their business. Mainstream newspapers have ignored the issue, despite the fact the California gambling industry—including the lottery and racing—employs more than , people. A Litany Of Problems Regulatory system bias flared up in , when it was disclosed former bureau Chief Rob Lytle issued an opinion that card rooms need not rotate the deal in banked games, an apparent violation of state law.

Lytle issued the opinion less than a week before leaving the agency to work as a consultant for the card room industry. The directive—which generated millions of dollars in card room revenue—was later rescinded. Brown appointees to the GCC commission have been criticized by gambling industry experts for being inexperienced in regulatory issues. Others say the rules are not an impediment. Lopes, a former BGC supervisor, says agents with a law enforcement background needed training in gambling industry compliance.

Academics, consultants and others familiar with gambling regulations agree, although some say the situation has improved. And BGC agents have gained experience in regulatory compliance. They also are subject to the political whims of the governor and attorney general. There needs to be greater insulation from political pressure. Shimazu also pledged to promulgate regulations requiring rotation of the player-dealer position.

She did not respond to a Tribes and state Assembly members Rob Bonta 66th Assembly District request for an interview relayed through spokeswoman and David Chiu are separately seeking audits of Margarita Fernandez. Tribes fund the bulk of the regulatory system. BGC says it has reduced the penditures. They are also concerned with the fact tribes contribute more to backlog from a high of 3, applicants.

Commission and bureau officials deny the accusations. The card rooms also lashed out at the BGC. Behind her is a playground. Then, a few seconds later, there are three more. Or, as the old joke goes, an attempted murder. A few more drags, a few more birds. A few more glances toward the school, a few more verses of the same sing-song. Until, high in the air, a single crow catches her eye.

She follows it, fixed and unblinking, as it slows and descends, gliding to a silent, graceful stop atop the jungle gym. Which is teeming with crows. Dozens, maybe hundreds of them. Which she now realizes are going to attack the school children the instant they step outside. Which they are about to do. And… cut! Uh, ravens run amok? Sparrows and seagulls with a taste for human blood? Kamikaze crows? Come on, Hitch. But the film in general and this sequence in particular can teach you about something much more important.

Predicting the future. Think about it. When you saw this film for the first time, at what point did you realize those poor kids were going to get their eyes pecked out? After the first crow? After the fourth?

The fifth? The seventh? After the last one, when it was too late to do anything about it? Our business. The casino business. Be honest: Did you know right away that progressive jackpots would work as well on tables as they did on slots? That Macau would dwarf the Las Vegas Strip in revenue? That tournament poker would boom and bust and boom again? Exactly how far ahead can you see? Or the Psychic Friends Network. To strengthen your soothsaying powers, keep these three things in mind: The Player Always Wins As you nibble at the buffet of new products and services being offered at G2E, try to tune out the glitz.

The girls dealing the games. The celebrities signing photographs. The little robot guy zipping around and handing out free candy. After you get your Snickers bar, of course. Focus instead on one question: If you were a casino customer—and most of us in this industry either were or still are—is this something you would like?

Is it fun? Would it make you want to stay and play longer? Would it make you want to come back? Except that it was wrong. Research shows young players gravitate toward old-fashioned table games more so than their parents do. Of course, from here until eternity, most casino floors will remain dominated by slot machines and slot players, but craps, roulette and poker—games that not long ago had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel—are staging a comeback, a comeback fueled by, ironi- cally enough, these digi-kids.

History is full of counter-intuition. Clues, Clues, Everywhere Clues Because of its regulated nature and lengthy product development cycles, the gaming industry tends to follow, rather than lead, the cultural zeitgeist. And when you look, what do you see? Entertainment is a form of escapism, has been since the days of the Greek theater and gladiator fights. And people tend to escape in the opposite corner of their daily lives. Before cellphones existed and people had to actually, you know, interact with each other, they escaped by playing video games by themselves, by listening to music with headphones on, by staring into the screen of a slot machine.

Navigating through daily life is all about your wireless device and online shopping and the self-checkout register at the supermarket. Things that separate you from people. The escape from that reality is, for many people, hanging out with tens of thousands of strangers at a music festival.

These trends, especially when you consider they are led by young people, are heading to a casino resort near you. To an extent they already have, what with the proliferation of nightclubs and day clubs, of non-gaming attractions like zip lines and Top Golf, of themed gaming environments designed to transform ordinary casino space into an environment of excitement and energy and fun.

Ready or not, something new, something different, something wicked awesome this way comes. Roger Snow is a senior vice president with Scientific Games. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Scientific Games Corporation or its affiliates.

It was my first time in the Philippines and I was looking forward to taking in some of the local culture and famous hospitality. I was also there to learn more about the security and surveillance practices from the new kids on the Asian casino scene. My first impression of Manila was that it is a city full of friendly, smiling people and jeepneys. Uniquely Filipino, the flamboyantly decorated jeepneys similar to a minibus were originally made from leftover World War II U.

I saw plenty of jeepneys and friendly faces up close while stuck in traffic on the way to my hotel from the airport. My hotel was located in upscale Makati. The screening process was seamless and the staff respectful and courteous. Sure, I was a little surprised being asked to go through a weapons detection system in a hotel, but as a casino protection professional and traveler, I appreciated the security and so did my wife.

Since the development was greenlighted, three integrated casino resorts have opened. A fourth property, Westside City Resorts World, is currently under construction and is slated to open in Discussions are also under way to add a fifth casino. Okada Manila stands out. The taxi driver pulled into the main entrance and drove slowly up to a security checkpoint where we were greeted by friendly security officers and bomb-sniffing dogs.

They asked us to drive slowly over the under-vehicle inspection system UVIS before proceeding to the main entrance. UVIS checkpoints are located at all vehicle entrances on the property including guest entrances, valet and self-parking garages and the staff parking area. When I got out of the taxi, I was greeted by one of the many security officers at the entrance. He was professional and polite and could have passed for a New York City concierge.

He pointed me over to the security checkpoint at the main doors to the casino lobby, which at this stage of my visit was becoming more of an expectation than an inconvenience. I learned later that all the entrances into Okada Manila have weapons detection systems consisting of a combination of X-ray machines, metal detectors, dogs and physical searches.

All guests are screened through the metal detectors. All baggage is run through an X-ray machine. All entrances and other sensitive areas are manned by armed security and general security teams. Guests in possession of a firearm are escorted to a Weapon Deposit Room by one of their armed security officers. The rooms have reinforced ballistic wall areas and discharge areas. Weapons are checked in, and if required, unloaded under a CCTV camera. Guests register their weapons and ammunition before depositing them in specifically designed high-security lockers.

The dogs are housed on-site in veterinarian-designed kennels. Professional caregivers are responsible for making sure the dogs are well looked after and receive regular check-ups. The reason they keep so many dogs is simply to ensure they are not overworked.

Dog handlers are assigned to their own permanent small group of dogs. Department Head After entering the casino lobby, I was met by my friend Mike Waite, the vice president of security and surveillance. Mike had agreed to let me go behind the scenes and spend a day with him to observe his security operation. Mike is a year casino security and surveillance veteran who has the unique distinction of having opened 13 casinos around the world.

I would describe him as being a kind of casino journeyman who likes a challenge. I used to work with Mike a long time ago. I always remember the time I got a catch-up email from him and he casually mentioned he was bunkered down in his office in a casino in the Middle East dodging missiles, bombs and sniper fire. Mike joined the Okada Manila opening team in late originally Tiger Resorts. It was good to see him again and that he was happy to be in the Philippines, the home of his wife and his adopted home outside Australia.

Mike oversees the security and surveillance departments. He has a person in charge of each department that reports directly to him. Both departments are divided into two divisions—security operations and security services, and surveillance operations and surveillance services.

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G3 platinum side betting system. If you are in a state where online betting is legal, we encourage you to check out our sportsbook directory to find the most trustworthy and reputable sites and mobile apps to place your Super Bowl bets. Founded inBetware has built a very strongposition in the gaming market with its clear corporatefocus of developing and delivering state ofthe art gaming platform and electronic lotterysolutions for National and Private Lotteries andsupporting their online operations. DownloadThe latest magazine is available to digitally download viaG All baggage is run through an X-ray machine. Others say the rules are not an impediment. We will read more launching the firstinstant ticket product into the marketplace.
G3 platinum side betting system. Homemade leverage investopedia forex
G3 platinum side betting system. He showed me some of the private gaming rooms. State legislators subsequently awarded that license to anley-Catskill region, the Capital District-Saratoga region, and the Centralother candidate in the Central-Southern Tier region. In their last seven games played during the month, the Dolphins have gone straight-up and ATS. The capital Prague has also issued a decree regulatinggambling under which the number of placesin which gambling is permitted should be loweredfrom to They asked us to drive slowly over the under-vehicle inspection system UVIS before proceeding to the main entrance.
G3 platinum side betting system. 885


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Organized by SBC. This type of bet is on the sum of the points scored by both teams in the game. The book sets the number for the total, and then you predict whether they will score more or fewer points than the set number.

If you project the combined score to be more than If you think they will score less than These factors can be proven mathematically through historical game and betting data. Technical analytics is like math, but fancier. This is based on statistics and modeling and is extremely successful in picking bet winners.

Systems are identifiable patterns of events with statistical associations. Angles apply to a specific team, player, coach, official, or even venue. When you combine all of these together you are able to successfully put together a betting strategy or formula that will consistently win bets for you over time. When you factor in the amount of time you would need to invest to do this professionally, it is a much smarter business decision to hire a professional.

Platinum Sports is the only sports information agency that offers their services at an affordable investment for every player. They also offer future bets. Some popular ways to bet the NFL include betting side, betting totals, futures betting, prop bets, and moneyline. Betting the NFL Preseason is definitely worth pursuing.

When betting on college, focus on totals. You can bet on sides, moneyline, totals, etc. There is pre-season, regular season and post-season conference play. The key to winning at college basketball is to find inaccurate public perceptions and bet against them. The public is going to flock to big conferences and inflate the point spreads from those schools.

We focus on the underappreciated teams, get the right information and win consistently. There is no point spread and there is market efficiency meaning there is no major area where the odds will systematically differ from the outcome. The key on winning bets on baseball is to focus on the conditional starting pitchers and team streaks.

Stay betting smart plays to try and never try and chase your money back.

G3 platinum side betting system. forexpros iqd exchange

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