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Latest news about cyprus crisis investing

Октябрь 2, 2012

latest news about cyprus crisis investing

After slumping during the Cypriot crisis, investment has recovered in the last five years, particularly in the sectors of the food industry. There is no doubt amongst economic and financial analysts that Cyprus is currently undergoing a major transition as it weeds out bad debts and implements. The Cypriot bank on July 22 rejected a third, improved proposal of euros per share from Lone Star, according to a statement from the lender. JAVASCRIPT BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTOCURRENCY APP TUTORIAL

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Learn more about Analytics cookies and privacy information. Rather than using the European Stability Mechanism to recapitalise banks, and thereby weaken the link between banks and their governments, the eurozone continues to equate bank bail-outs with sovereign bail-outs. As for debt mutualisation, after imposing losses on local depositors, the price of support from the rest of Europe is arguably costlier now than it ever has been.

Europe pushed Cyprus directly into the arms of the Russian government. Not only did this hurt the prospects for its own deal, but it gave leverage to Moscow in the process. More important still, however, by forcing [Cypriot President Nicos] Anastasiades between the rock of a forced bank levy and the hard place of seeking assistance from Moscow, the EU seriously undermined him domestically precisely when the West was about to reap the benefits at long last of a fairly pro-Western Cypriot president, crucially necessary to overcome sour relations with Turkey that continue to undermine NATO relations, EU relations, NATO-EU relations , and US relations with both.

To top it all off, a peace deal along the lines of the Annan Plan for a final resolution of the year-old Cypriot divide — the prospects for which had improved with the election of Anastasiades — has seen its prospects diminished. Economist Richard D.

Wolff commented in an interview in relation to the Cyprus bailout agreement as follows: [26] This is blackmail. This is basically the officials of the banks and the political leaders going to the mass of people and saying to them, "This awful deal that makes you, who have nothing to do with the crisis and didn't get any bailout, pay the costs of the crisis and the bailout.

You must do this, because if you don't, we will do even more damage to you and your economy. So give us your deposits, give us your money, pay more taxes, suffer fewer social programs, because if you don't, we will impose even worse on you. And I think it's the confrontation of a system that does not work with the mass of the people, saying, "We will go down and take you with us, unless you bail us out. Leaflets with alternative proposals for the economy were distributed in the protest, with proposals including the nationalization of banking, the reduction of the army and the freezing of the army budget, and the increase of the corporate tax.

In the protest NEDA gave out leaflets, which expressed the view that "the EU is trying to burden the workers with the debts from the collapse of the bankers" and that "if this happens, the Cypriot economy and the future of the new generations will then be mortgaged to local and foreign profiteers and usurious bankers. Archived from the original on 31 January Retrieved 14 December The teachers stormed the building and bypassed the policemen, entering the House chamber.

The teachers shouted against the banks and poverty. The protest interrupted the discussions of the House's committee of customs.

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