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Cob cryptocurrency reddit

Октябрь 2, 2012

cob cryptocurrency reddit

Decentralized AMMs; Ethereum Transaction Speed and Cost for arbitrage When arbitraging between two COB exchanges, usually this isn't an. r/ChildrenOfBodom: The subreddit for Children of Bodom and related topics. Found the ticket from my first COB show - signed by Alexei Leiho (26APR;. What Is Cobinhood Cryptocurrency (COB)?. Zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange. How Many Cobinhood Coins Are There? There are currently ,, Cobinhood. CRYPTOCURRENCY ADDRESS TRACKER

It draws inspiration from the well-known Robinhood stock platform, which offers commission-free stock trading. Cobinhood aims to use its competitive edge of zero fee trading to attract customers from fee-based exchanges. Exchange interface The Cobinhood exchange has some of the best looking exchange interfaces on the market.

The layout is simple and very beginner-friendly. It also comes along with a neat mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS, making trading on-the-go easily available. Keep in mind that while there are no trading fees, Cobinhood does charge for deposits and withdrawals, as you still need to pay fees to blockchain miners who validate transactions and even those could be paid for using the COB token.

Arbitrage on Centralized Order Book exchange vs. The answer to this question can be explained using the picture below: The price of an asset pair on a Centralized Order Book is determined by individual market makers creating buy and sell orders while other participants decide if they want to trade at those given prices. The consequence is that since prices are discovered in a different way on each model, this creates many arbitrage opportunities between COB x AMM or even between two different AMMs.

It is interesting to notice that the only way for the price to move on an AMM is when a swap happens, therefore, arbitrageurs become the main force in helping the AMM keep the price close to all the other markets. Note: some AMM protocols might allow users to add liquidity on only one side of the pool, and this might also change the pair price.

Trade and Transaction speed To conclude a profitable arbitrage transaction, speed is critical. Your trades must be executed as fast as possible, or the opportunity might be gone. This is the main reason that to execute an arbitrage strategy with Hummingbot you must have funds deposited on both exchanges or wallet so that you can do both buy and sell transactions at the same time.

But when you are dealing with blockchain transactions, things work a bit differently. On the Ethereum for example, every transaction participates in an auction, where the users compete to see who will pay more to have their transactions validated first.

If you set your gas price too high, your transaction will be processed faster, but you risk overpaying for it and increasing the cost of executing the arbitrage. If you set your gas price too low, you will save on transaction costs, but you risk taking too long to complete the transaction and missing the profitable arbitrage opportunity. Because of that, the arbitrageurs must always be looking for the best blockchain transaction price, balancing cost x speed.

For the Ethereum blockchain, a site like ETH Gas Station can help you estimate the ideal gas price you should use for your transactions, based on the average speed of past blockchain interactions. While on the COB side the order will be immediately executed, on the AMM side the transaction will take more or less time, depending on the gas price you want to pay.

The risk here is that, if your Ethereum transaction takes too long, by the time it is validated, the price on the AMM might have changed, and might end up on a trade loss. Also, if the blockchain transaction fails, you will have executed only one side of the arbitrage. The other side of the coin is that there is the risk that the Ethereum transaction takes too long and the opportunity on the COB side might be gone. Slippage Buffer When Hummingbot detects a profitable arbitrage opportunity it will immediately communicate with the connected exchanges and create an order on each of them.

Although this happens very quickly there is still a small delay between the bot detecting the opportunity and the trades being concluded. When choosing the slippage buffer size you must consider the following risks: If you use a high slippage buffer, you will reduce the chances of your orders not being completed, but risk paying a higher price at the execution.

With a low slippage buffer, you are trying to not overpay for the trade, but risk not having your order being completed due to not having enough offers on the price you want to execute the trade. Arbitrage costs Succesful arbitrage is all about balancing speed vs. But arbitraging on AMM exchanges is a bit different because along with the trading fee cost, there is also the blockchain transaction cost.

Ethereum transactions crash course Note: With the release of version 0. Neverthless, we also want to share how Hummingbot handles the intricacies of Ethereum transactions so you can better understand how everything happens under the hood. As we mentioned above, the cost of a transaction you send to the Ethereum blockchain will be defined by how much you are willing to pay to have that transaction processed by the miners.

Imagine the Ethereum blockchain as a network of connected servers that work as a single worldwide computer. And as an instruction, each transaction can have a different amount of data being transmitted, depending on what the program will do with that information.

Take a look, for example, at what is being transmitted on a simple token transfer vs. Token Transfer: Calculating the transaction cost Have you noticed the difference between both transactions? If you answered Gas Used by transaction, you are right. Gas is the Ethereum blockchain standard measure of how many resources a transaction will spend.

The more information is transmitted on the transaction, the more Gas it will use.

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cob cryptocurrency reddit

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