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Us betting odds converter

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us betting odds converter

How to Convert Fraction Odds to Decimals Convert a fraction odd into a decimal odd by dividing the first number (the numerator), by the second number (the. Our free odds calculator will help you convert American, Decimal and Fraction odds while also getting implied probability and calculating moneyline payouts. Decimal odds are often used outside of the US, UK and Ireland. They tell you the return you should expect to receive based on your bet amount if your bet pays. FOREX VIDEO PRICE ACTION

This is the amount you will receive if you win your bet original wager amount plus profit. More betting tools: Parlay Calculator Understanding betting odds The way sports betting odds are presented can differ between American, Fractional, and Decimal. While they all mean the same thing, understanding how they work with your wager can be tricky.

Use our betting odds and moneyline calculator tool above to convert these odds and learn more about them below. Bets with higher implied probability are given a higher negative value. Bets with lower implied probability are given a positive value. Decimal odds explained Decimal odds are the preferred variation for most countries outside of the U. Instead of using positive and negative values or fractional equations, decimal odds display a simple value that you multiply your bet amount by to calculate your profit money won and overall return profit and original risk amount.

Fractional odds explained Fractional odds are most common in horse racing and futures markets. You can also define your odds conversion to a specific bet amount to see your expected profit if that wager should win. Odds with lower implied probability have larger risk and therefore pay out more compared to odds with higher implied probability and lower risk. FAQs How do you convert American odds to decimal? How do you convert American odds to fractional? How do you convert decimal odds to American?

Step 2 We now need to turn this fraction into its most simple form. Find the nearest whole integer i. The factor to which you need to multiply the numerator to the whole integer is reflected in the denominator. Example: You need to multiply 2. After entering the type of odds your dealing with fractional, decimal, american or implied probability and the other corresponding bet types will be instantly and accurately calculated.

What are the advantages of using the Odds Converter? Using the Odd Converter can allow you to relate to any odds you find on any betting site by converting it to the odd type you are familiar with. On which sports can I use Odds Conversion? Odds Conversion applies to all sports, events and markets. More reading Lucky 31 explained — Find out all there is to know about the Lucky 31 bet.

Lucky 15 calculator — enter the details of your Lucky 15 bet and find out your potential return. Betting odds explained — A helpful guide to how betting odds work and how to calculate your returns.

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FREE BET TRACKING SPREADSHEET 2022 (American Odds \u0026 Decimal Odds Compatible)


Decimal odds are also known as European Used by most US bookmakers. Moneyline odds are also know as American Betting odds and chance To first understand what betting odds are, we have to first understand the concept of chance.

Chance is the likelihood of an event happening. It is often expressed in percentages, also referred to as the probability. Let's roll a dice. Rolling a dice yields a probability of 1 out of 6 for each outcome. The chance of the dice landing on any of the 6 numbers is equal.

In percentages this means a How is this calculated? Odds Converter utility Having a basic understanding on how to convert betting odds can be very helpful. In fact, if you don't know how to convert betting odds into their respective implied probabilities, you're not helping your chances of success in the long term in the competitive world of sports betting.

Understanding the implied probability behind the odds shown to you is key to assessing the potential value in a particular betting market. And it is just as important when assessing the value that exists with regards to specific odds on a particular outcome. If the implied probability is less than your own assessed probability of a particular outcome occurring, that outcome represents a value betting opportunity.

If, however, you want to learn how to convert odds to implied probability and how to covert implied probability to various odds formats, please read on. This article explains in detail how to convert the three most popular odds formats in the world - decimal, fractional and American - into their implied probabilities and how to convert an implied probability into either of these odds formats.

What is implied probability? Implied probability is the probability of the outcome if you assume the odds are correctly priced. It's up to you to decide if the bookie's assigned probability is good or bad for you to bet. Frequently asked questions about how to convert odds How do i convert fractional to decimal? Just add 1 to the result of the divided fraction. American: Positive odds - divided by the percentage divided by minus e.

Negative odds - The probability divided by 1 minus the probability divided by then multiply by -1 to convert into a negative e. How do you convert american odds to decimal? Positive odds - 1 plus the american odds divided by e. Negative odds - 1 minus divided by the american odds e. How do you convert american odds to fractional? Positive odds - The american odds divided by e. Negative odds - Minus divided by the american odds e.

How do you convert fractional odds to decimal? Add 1 to the fractional representation e. How do you convert fractional odds to american? Positive american odds - The fractional value multiplied by e. Negative american odds - Negative divided by the fractional odds e. How do you convert decimal odds to fractional?

Subtract 1 from the decimal representation e. How do you convert decimal odds to american? Positive american odds - The decimal value minus one multiplied by e. Negative american odds - Negative divided by the decimal odds minus one e. Also See Betting Calculator - Enter your odds and stake to calculate bet returns for all types of sports wagers.

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How to Convert Odds

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