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Michelle phan basics of investing

Октябрь 2, 2012

michelle phan basics of investing

There was a time when few had translated social media fame into a successful business. Then Michelle Phan showed the way. Michelle Phan has made 2 investments. Their latest investment was in CashDrop as part of their Seed VC on August 8, CBI Logo. Beauty vlogger and YouTube's makeup maven, Michelle Phan has an estimated net worth of £35 million. How did Michelle Phan make her millions? WHAT FOREX BROKER DO

The beauty mogul began investing in Bitcoin a digital currency that's part of a decentralized system, operating independently of banks as a way to diversify her portfolio. In learning more about Bitcoin, she noticed similarities between the cryptocurrency market and the beauty industry.

Now, thanks to YouTube and other social media platforms, "you can find every face in this beauty space," she says. And because the cryptosphere is still technically in its infancy the Bitcoin network came into existence in , there's a chance to ensure that diversity and inclusion are part of the industry's growth, says Cleve Mesidor , who leads the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer the opportunity to "really close the financial inclusion gap," says Mesidor. Blockchain is " an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

Millennial enthusiasm for adapting to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology "just makes sense," says Mesidor. Register here. Beauty influencer Roxette Arisa, who has nearly 1. Phan has a holistic, health-oriented approach, distinguishing her makeup brand through educational content as well. Her production value was so high and she was always coming up with different looks. She retained a loyal audience for more than a decade by inviting fans to view themselves as self-taught experts, too.

As such, Phan started using her social channels to promote bitcoin when the recession started in March. This is, in part, because her businesses and brand were finally mature enough to afford an unconventional risk. Most beauty influencers focus on makeup tutorials, not financial literacy.

Phan makes the technology seem less intimidating. In fact, she makes it seem completely normal, in a good way. Michelle has a very different reach and audience than people like Jack Dorsey and Andrew Yang. Instead, she believes now is the time to focus on teaching people how and why to hold their own bitcoin. Plus, as an employer with a dozen people on staff, Phan also needs to prioritize revenue and stability for her cosmetics brand during the COVID crisis.

She was thousands of dollars in debt, but started earning roughly 25 cents a week from her videos within the first year. It is still considered one of the leading beauty startups in the market today. Phan was already juggling a successful company, IPSY, the paparazzi and her model boyfriend, Dominique Capraro , who speaks Italian and could grate cheese on his abs.

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To most people, rules like those are considered red flags. According to Showbiz Cast, Michelle has been really impressed by Dr. Joe Dispenza and his healing methods lately. She's vocalized her admiration of Joe's thought process quite a bit. When Michelle disappeared from YouTube, just about everyone noticed.

According to The Cut , a lot of people actually speculated that she died. She spent 10 years on YouTube creating videos and pulling in over 1 billion views in total. She abruptly fell off the map in without posting a goodbye note to her fans and followers on any platform.

Article continues below advertisement A lot of people in her comment sections on various YouTube videos were mentioning how much they missed her. Fast forward to , and Michelle posted an minute self-illustrated movie describing why she decided to take a break from social media. Michelle certainly paved the way for creators on YouTube wanting to pursue online fame through makeup.

In her YouTube heyday, beauty vloggers were more creators than influencers, she reminisces. There was a hack discovered on YouTube where you could melt it with a blow dryer to become a primer. That was dope! It is lazier, yes, but in a sense, that journalistic, democratic approach is now missing. I want to age aesthetically. There are some things you can do stimulate collagen growth, therapies, or certain fillers. Or if I have too many earth signs, it will be too grounded.

If I have too many fire signs, it will be too volatile, everyone will be competing. She believes that every entrepreneur should invest in Bitcoin. Remember when there was only internet cafes? And now we have the internet on our phones.

There are no board members. For the first time in history, you can be your own bank. No one saw the potential in the platform like I did. When she was a young girl, she dreamed of saving the world. When she was a vlogger, she dreamed of making enough so that her mother could retire.

She did.

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