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Sic bo betting system

Октябрь 2, 2012

sic bo betting system

The idea behind the “balanced” Sic Bo strategy is that you're going to place a bet on a single total, then you're also going to bet on 3 double. In order to maximize your chances of winning in Sic Bo bet (แทงไฮโล)games, you should avoid making alternate bets. Although these are sometimes. There is no betting system in Sic Bo that will work % and reduce the house edge. In the long run, the casino will surely win and no system can chance. WEDDING DASH 4 EVER

As there is three die, and only 6 numbers this means that there is a pretty good chance of it coming up on at least one of those faces. The joy with the single number sic bo bet is that it is accumulative too. So, you could just get an even number payout, but on the same bet, you could also double or even triple your money, making this a very attractive Sic Bo bet and a good strategy to use. There are totals that are more likely to come up than others, making this a medium risk Sic Bo Strategy.

As such, the payouts for 10 and 11 are usually lower than other combinations. The worst combination bets to wager on are 4 or 17 because there is only one way to create each of these combinations, making a hit very unlikely. But the fact of the matter is this is a game where winning is purely a matter of luck.

After all, who can ever truly know where a pair of dice will land when thrown? Playing the game is simplicity itself. In a casino setting, the dealer places the dice in a small chest similar to what you might see in a backgammon game to shake them. Then, they let the dice loose, and the anxious betters wait to see what numbers they land on. The gamblers themselves placed their bets on a number of combinations that are labeled on the game table. Again, much like roulette, the chips are piled in the corresponding boxes.

If the dice combinations match the numbers labeled, you win. Obviously, you will want to get to know the combinations and payouts before you bet, and you have to place bets before the dealer rolls the dice. The whole trick is to understand the probability of winning any bet and keeping in mind that the easier it is to win, the smaller the payout will be and tougher bets result in bigger payouts. You can pick on a particular sum combination, such as 1, 2, and 1 making the four.

Or you can bet on just hitting a particular sum in any combination. Playing on sums and not particular combinations pays out less since the probability of that outcome is higher. Also, certain combinations are more probable than others, so that affects the payout as well. Big means the combination adds up to anything from 4 to Small is anything from 11 to These payout , the least you can make on a winning bet in Sic Bo. By the way, you might notice there is no 3 or 18 on the board.

And having all three be the same is the only way to hit a 3 or Every other number can fall in different combinations. Facts and Figures of Speech As mentioned earlier, Sic Bo has been around so long that nobody knows exactly when it started or who came up with the idea.

It has been recorded as serving as a form of recreation between soldiers in between battles centuries ago.

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It is vital to choose your combination wisely and to make sure that the total house edge would not be too high. Betting on 9: Place 2 chips on double 1, 5, and 6 and 3 chips on a total of 9. This will give you a return of 21 chips if 9 wins or 22 chips if a double wins.

Betting on Place 2 chips on double 1, 2, and 6 and 3 chips on a total of This will give you a return of 21 chips if 12 wins or 22 chips if a double wins. Once again, we must remind you that the house edge cannot be eliminated or manipulated when betting. Therefore, regardless of your chosen casino Sic Bo strategy, you will occasionally lose.

You can apply an additional system to try your luck with, but remember that the outcome remains unpredictable. Thus, we advise you to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Expert Sic Bo Betting Strategy Mainly designed for the risk-taking, high rolling, experienced player, the high roller strategy revolves around placing multiple bets with emphasis on betting on 8 and With a payout odds at 9 to 1, you can strategically place multiple bets on either 8 or 13, a second bet on a double and a third bet on a domino, and this triple combination increases your odds of winning.

But a total of 8 may consist of a double 1, 2 or 5, and an 8 total could also contain a combination of 3 and 2. This gives a total bet of 11 chips and has a possibility or returning 27 chips if 8 wins, 22 chips if a double wins, 12 chips if the combination wins. This yields a total of 11 chips with a plausible return of 27 chips if 13 wins, 22 chips if a double wins, and 12 if the combination wins.

Martingale Sic Bo Betting Strategy One of the most famous Roulette or Craps strategies, Martingale has been in the limelight for decades now and has proven to be one of the most effective, simplification strategies used in casino games. Do not make this your strategy; while the payoff is attractive, it is not worth the risk. What to Bet on in Sic Bo Others like to bet on any pair, making that their main sic bo strategy.

Again, if you follow this advice you will be led astray. Betting on a pair is wagering that a specific pair of numbers will come up when the nice are rolled. This bet pays out at a rate of 8 to one but the problem is that it is one of the worst bets that you can make. As you can see, the big and small bets really are the way to go if you want to play smart and you want to work to decrease the house edge. Sic Bo Betting Systems When placing big, small, odd, and even wagers in Sic Bo, you are minimizing the amount of risk you are taking while simultaneously reducing the reward you stand to win.

In a lot of ways, these Sic Bo bets are a lot like placing odd and even wagers in roulette. As such, a few betting strategies are able to be applied when playing Sic Bo. Keep in mind, however, that these strategies are proven to work in theory only and may not be so flawless when put to work in an actual game of Sic Bo.

Martingale One of the most wildly popular betting systems employed by gamblers in games of pure chance is called the Martingale System. This simple system requires one to double every bet placed after a losing game while keeping a winning bet constant. Because every game of Sic Bo is independent of the last, this type of system, in theory, will inevitably see you walk away a winner.

However, just because the mathematics are nailed down pat does not mean you will avoid losing your bankroll by continuously doubling bets before you win another game. For those with somewhat limited bankrolls, going too hard by making use of the Martingale strategy may see you lose all of your funds in a matter of minutes.

Labouchere Labouchere is another betting system which requires that bets be increased every time a loss is incurred. When a loss does occur, the amount you lost is added to the back end of your number series and is combined with the first number in order to make the next bet.

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